Welcome to Nona Vocal Arts Center

Nona Vocal Arts Center was founded in 2014 at Kibbutz Maagan Michael by the conductors Nathalie Goldberg and Zvika Vogel with the aim of serving as an active musical-vocal center for the residents of Hof-Hacarmel Regional Council and nearby communities. The goal of Nona Center is to expose a wide and varied population to the joy of singing; to foster a new young generation of singers and give them a comprehensive cultural-artistic experience, integrating the joy of singing with striving for excellence. Nona Center includes a number of active choirs with about a hundred singers altogether:

Nonita – for children aged 6-8

Nona Junior – for children aged 9-12

Nona – for teenagers aged 13-18

Nona De Camera – for ages 18 and up.

The rehearsals include soloist and group singing, voice training, moving and acting and improvisation, exposure to a repertoire in various languages and styles and a thorough study of the language of music. Nona sees itself as an important element in community life and aims at making a significant contribution to the community through the various programs of the community choir.

Nona's nine goals:

  1. Encouraging and fostering artistic soloist and choral singing in the Hof Hacarmel region and across the country.

  2. Fostering a high artistic level of performing bodies that will represent the region and the State of Israel in both national and international arenas.

  3. Exposing a large, multi-aged audience to the art of singing as well as imparting concert-listening habits.

  4. Developing the musical skills of the singers and expanding their cultural background: in-depth learning of the language of music, familiarity with the musical repertoire, languages, traditions, religions and cultures.

  5. Encouraging the creation of Israeli music in all its diversity and collaborating with Israeli artists from various fields.

  6. Fostering values of tolerance, listening, concentration, perseverance, responsibility, confidence, collaboration, creativity, love and joie de vivre through singing in a choir.

  7. Creating the next generation of music and culture consumers and creators in the Hof Hacarmel region and across the country.

  8. Establishing a multi-generational, multi-locational and multi-cultural interaction among the residents of Hof Hacarmel.

  9. Integrating singing and musical activity into community activities at all social levels.

Nathalie Goldberg – Music Director and Conductor

Was born in Israel in 1977 and raised on Kibbutz Maagan Michael, where she lives today. Completed her first degree in orchestra conducting at the Music Academy in Jerusalem, her Master's degree – with honors at the The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel –Aviv University and her teaching certificate at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. For over 10 years served as head of the music department at Hof Hacarmel High School where she taught music theory courses. She also taught at two art schools Reut Art School, Haifa, and Ironi Alef, Tel Aviv. For three years, together with Conductor Yuval Ben Ozer, served as Chairman of the Israeli Choir Association. Conducted "Hof Hacarmel Girls״ Choir for six years , and "The Efroni" choirs in Emek Hefer for seven years. She currently serves as a lecturer at the Faculty of Music Education at the Levinsky College of Education, a choir instructor on behalf of the Music Education Inspectorate of Haifa Region, runs workshops and seminars for music teachers and choir conductors in Israel and overseas. Along with Zvika Vogel, founded the Nona Vocal Arts Center, and currently serves as its Music Director and Conductor.

Zvika Vogel – Music Director, conductor and pianist

born in Israel in 1986. A graduate of the music department of Wizo High School of Art and of Rubin Music Conservatory in Haifa. Served in the army as an outstanding musician. Completed his Bachelor and Master's degrees at The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music inTel Aviv University: Bachelor degree in Piano, under the instruction of Prof. Michael Bogoslavski and Prof. Tomer Lev; Master's degree in choir conducting, under the instruction of Prof. Avner Itai and Mr. Ronen Borshevsky at The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University and of Professor Stephen Layton and Tim Brown at the University of Cambridge (England). Over the years won Sharett Fund Scholarships as well as scholarships for academic excellence from The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music. Also won awards in solo piano and chamber music competitions. Played as soloist with leading orchestras in Israel and participated in live radio broadcasts, in music festivals and in subscription series. During his studies, served as an assistant in The Vocal Octet and the Chamber Choir of the Buchmann Mehta School of Music, was invited to conduct various projects including The Cantata "Rayuk" by Shostakovich and the opera "Dust Song" by Joseph Bates, and conducted leading choirs, including St. John's Choir, Oratorio Choir of Cambridge, King's College Choir and more. Currently plays in chamber music ensembles, conducts the Haifa Chamber Choir and is regularly invited to international festivals and workshops abroad as a pianist and conductor. Along with Natalie Goldberg founded Nona Vocal Arts Center, where he serves as Music Director, conductor and pianist.